Sprint 2

This week we put most of our efforts into designing the user interface. We put together a presentation to share with the class to show our progress.

More detail is available below.

UX Design

We started by brainstorming a general idea of the information that should be presented to the user.

crudely organized diagram showing information about a user that should be recorded and presented.

Then we converted the words to a rough sketch:

rough prototype drawing of application screen, with navigation buttons at the bottom and photos from the trip in the center.

And finally a detailed sketch with a the links between screens clearly articulated. We thought of a potential tag line: "It's a Pinterest of yourself."

drawing of 2 rows and 6 columns of potential screens for app on phone. screens that are connected through user interaction are connected with arrows to indicate user flow from one screen to another.


Our research identified a current and past service that seems to address similar needs as ReLive. Specifically, the now defunct Memoir app, and the startup Storyo. Both seemed to produce videos or slideshows based on photos and data collection of a group of people's activities.

In an effort to differentiate our product from theirs, we would like to explore the idea of having our system output a physical artifact instead of a digital one. The two approaches we will explore are a handwritten personal “biography" (using charRNN + rnnlib) and printed computer generated artworks (using densecap + DCGAN). Realistically one of them is doable between now and next Wednesday.