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Final Presentation

Today was the final day of our class. Our team presented the reLive business we developed over the course of the semester. The presentation included user personas, a UX design, a technical prototype, and a business model.

I'm proud of our team and how well we worked together. We all had other classes and responsibilities competing for our time but we all pitched in and worked when we could and we were forgiving when others couldn't. We had a good dynamic and were able to explore ideas effectively and efficiently.

Our presentation is available online. The code for our prototype is available on Github.

Sprint 2

This week we put most of our efforts into designing the user interface. We put together a presentation to share with the class to show our progress.

More detail is available below.

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Sprint 1

Our next assignment for Collaborative Design is to write code for a crude prototype. It doesn't have to look pretty; we just need to vet our ideas and build something to see if things work as we expect.

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Readout, User Interviews, and Technology Research

Our second assignment for Collaborative Design is to complete a "Readout" for our project. We now have a name for our project and a brief elevator pitch. We also did a few user interviews and thought about the technology we might use to build a proof of concept.

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Use Case and Personas

Our first assignment for Collaborative Design is to brainstorm a use case for a potential AI-related project. We needed to define the use case and articulate personas to motivate the product design.

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