New py5 Release: 0.5a2

Shortly after the 0.5a1 release I learned that the run_sketch utility did not work on Windows computers. It was an easy fix, and critical to support tabreturn aka Trisan Bunn's upcoming CC Fest presentation on Thonny and py5.

While doing additional testing I discovered that the run_sketch utility also did not work correctly on OSX. This was also critical, and unfortunately, not an easy fix. Frankly, it was a painful problem to solve. Nevertheless, I came up with a solution using pyobjc. Now run_sketch will work correctly on all platforms, and everyone who watches tabreturn's presentation on Sunday can give py5 and Thonny a try.

While exploring py5objc I discovered a new approach for running py5 on OSX that I believe I can use to address most the current limitations on OSX. I'll continue exploring this in future releases.

While doing all of this I also expanded py5's support for specifying colors using hexadecimal notation and web color notation. Now assignments to the pixels array can use both notations. In addition, py5 can support 3 character web color notations (e.g. "#822"). See #26 for more information.

What's Ahead:

  • Rework noise functionality

  • OSX feature parity

  • Write Tutorials and How-tos

  • Further develop the py5examples repo

  • Unit tests