Better late than never Camera3D Release

A few days ago the Processing Foundation made the beta release of Processing 4 available for download. This was a great opportunity for me to review the Camera-3D and ColorBlindness libraries to make sure all of the example code works with the new version. I had to make some small changes here and there, as well as update some code to adapt to changes to the Shapes3D library. Everything now works and is ready for you to use in your creative projects.

Truthfully, I did all of the work for this about 6 months ago...and I released the new version of ColorBlindness, but for some reason got sidetracked and didn't release the new version of Camera-3D. I feel terrible about that. I do endeavour to be more diligent about such things. The reason why I didn't do it then is that I wanted to add documentation and example code for the library's new ChromaDepth functionality. I would do it now but I'm currently swamped with other tasks and simply don't have the time. Rather than make everyone wait for me to allocate time to that task, I will do the release now so everyone gets the necessary changes to work with Processing 4. If you are impatient, you can look at my 2020 holiday animation to see an example of what can be done with ChromaDepth and Camera-3D.