Stratasys 3D Printing

The 3D prints for my final Tesseracts project were done on the Ultimaker 2+ printers available at the NYU Makerspace. The print quality was good but the Makerspace also has professional 3D printers that can print at much higher resolutions. After our 3D printing class was over, I printed my tesseract models on a Stratasys Dimension Elite printer. Not only was the print quality excellent, but the print process was reliable and stress-free.

series of five printed hypercubes in a row, sitting on a wooden table.

Here's what the printer looks like. Not suitable for home use.

large Stratasys 3D printer

What makes these printers interesting is their ability to 3D print a special support material that can be chemically dissolved, separating it from the material used for the 3D print. This allows the printer to create more elaborate support structures.

This is what my models looked like on the print bed when the job was complete. Notice it printed all of them at the same time. I could have saved myself a lot of time and stress by printing with this printer instead.

one cube and five hypercubes sitting on the Stratesys print bed.

After a day or two for the chemical bath I was able to pick up the final prints. They look great! Now that I understand how this printer works I will be sure to use it again for future projects.

animation showing each of the 5 3D printed hypercubes, one after another, sitting on a wooden table.