Use Case and Personas

Our first assignment for Collaborative Design is to brainstorm a use case for a potential AI-related project. We needed to define the use case and articulate personas to motivate the product design.

Our group started with postit-notes on a whiteboard.

three ITP students facing a whiteboard with many postit notes attached to it

Here is the use case we settled on:

I am going through life and I don’t want to be burdened by documentation. I want to have the ability to re-live important and meaningful experiences without documentation tasks taking away from my ability to live in the moment.

And the personas for our use case:

marketing persona for an individual named Pat Parent, who is a first-time parent of a 2 month-old baby and feels overwhelmed with parenting responsibilities. Pat wants to preserve this time of their child's life though photographs and video.marking persona of Ravin River, a college student that likes to party. River wants to document their experiences without using their phone