Larger Paper Car

Based on feedback from last week's visit at a school, I improved my car design and made it twice as big. See photos below:

Two images of a paper car. The car is a traditional sedan and is made from heavy white cardstock paper.

The larger car is much easier to put together. I removed the slots and tabs near the center of the car because they were unnecessary. I also added side mirrors to the car that both hold the car together and provide aesthetic appeal. I had to do some trigonometry to figure out how to get that to work the way I want it to. The tab extends from the windshield, loops around, and sticks out the side perpendicular from the ground.

I used the laser cutter to cut the paper. This was my first time using the laser cutter to cut paper. It was quick and easy and saved me having to do this by hand with an Exacto blade. I'm definitely going to use this in the future.

Below is the Illustrator-designed pattern if you want to make your own. Cut the red lines and fold the blue lines.

outline of cut and fold lines to turn a flat piece of paper into a model car.

For the next version I think I will adjust the tabs and slots to make the construction a bit tighter. I also will make the side mirrors a little bit bigger to better match the scale of the rest of the car.