New py5 Release: 0.5a0

What's new:

  • A second Jupyter Notebook Kernel: py5bot. There's also a new IPython magic called %%py5bot that is available within the py5 kernel.

  • The size() method can be called from the setup() function intead of settings(). Before Sketch execution, py5 will identify code in setup() that belongs in settings() and will segment the code appropriately.

  • Improved error reporting for IPython magics, py5bot, and all static mode sketches

  • Sketch windows now appear in the taskbar or Dock with the py5 logo

Breaking changes:

  • args has been renamed to pargs to avoid a name conflict with the conventional use of the variable args

  • the use_thread default parameter in save() and save_frame() has been changed from False to True


  • Massive improvements for OSX Users. The OSX Sketch exiting issues have been solved. The other OSX issues are better articulated in the Special Notes for Mac Users.

  • Lots of little bug fixes

What's Ahead:

  • Write Tutorials and How-tos

  • Further develop the py5examples repo