New py5 Release: 0.4a2

What's new:

  • py5 on mybinder

  • Py5SketchPortal widget to view animations on mybinder

  • New println method for correctly printing to stdout and stderr from Sketch methods when using Jupyter lab

Breaking changes:

  • The IPython line magics such as %screenshot and %animatedgif are now ordinary functions in py5_tools. They never should have been line magics in the first place.


  • Some improvements for OSX Users. The OSX issues are now reduced from critical problems to annoyances

  • Lots of little bug fixes

What's Ahead:

  • Coding trick to allow users to skip a settings() method, like what can be done in the Processing IDE

  • Write Tutorials and How-tos

  • Expand example code in the py5examples repo