Class Matrix


public class Matrix extends Object
I implemented this class to be parallel to Processing's internal PMatrix class. I would rather use a 2D float array here.
  • Field Details

    • r1c1

      public float r1c1
    • r1c2

      public float r1c2
    • r1c3

      public float r1c3
    • r2c1

      public float r2c1
    • r2c2

      public float r2c2
    • r2c3

      public float r2c3
    • r3c1

      public float r3c1
    • r3c2

      public float r3c2
    • r3c3

      public float r3c3
  • Constructor Details

    • Matrix

      public Matrix(float r1c1, float r1c2, float r1c3, float r2c1, float r2c2, float r2c3, float r3c1, float r3c2, float r3c3)
    • Matrix

      public Matrix(Matrix m)
  • Method Details