3D Glasses

I have a collection of 3D Glasses for viewing Anaglyphs that I've purchased through Amazon.com. Here they are, with comments.

Anaglyphs can be made with a large variety of color filtering strategies. If you know of a reasonable way to purchase different types of glasses that are not listed here, do let me know.


  • Pro-Ana (TM) PROFESSIONAL 3D Glasses

    I use these glasses more than any of the others. The red/cyan lenses filter colors better than the cheaper cardboard glasses, resulting in a better image. If you are going to work on an anaglyph project for any length of time, buy a pair of these.

    These glasses took over a month to arrive and they didn't look like the glasses shown (accurate picture here). Since identical glasses are available elsewhere on the site, I recommend buying one of the other copies instead.

  • 50 Pairs - 3D Glasses Red and Cyan

    Inexpensive 3D glasses that arrive individually wrapped that you can give out to a large group of people. I bought these for when I taught at ITP Camp. They don't work quite as well as the non-cardboard ones, so for design and development work, buy a better pair. For an exhibition of some kind, these would be a great choice.


Amber-Blue (ColorCode 3D)

  • 3D Video Wizard 3D Glasses

    ColorCode 3D is a relatively new technology for creating anaglyphs that produces results that are superior to red-cyan anaglyphs. The range of colors you can see is quite impressive.

    3D Wizard is some electronics device that converts 3D content into something viewable on a 2D TV, but that isn't important here. The glasses themselves work quite well for creating amber-blue anaglyphs with Camera3D.

    These glasses are great but they are narrower than the others and might be uncomfortable if you have an extra large cranium.

  • ColorCode (TM) 3D Glasses (3 Pairs)

    Cardboard amber-blue glasses. They work well but will not be as durable as the plastic ones above. If you know of a place to buy these in large quantities, please let me know.