New Theme

This weekend I updated my website's theme. As I've said before, I use Nikola, a static site generator written in Python. My new theme is a customization of the bootblog4 theme.

I'm quite happy with the new look. It is clean, functional, and it works well on mobile devices. It also fixed some cosmetic issues that I wasn't able to fix with the previous theme. In addition, I was finally able to get figure captions to work the way I wanted them to work.

One of the big motivations for this change is to improve my website's accessibility. The previous theme presented some issues for color blind people. I did the best I could to address them but I really needed to pick a new theme and start over. And that's what I've done.

I'm well aware this website still has some accessibility issues. Many of the images do not have alt text attributes, and I am determined to add them to every image. It's going to take some time...when I was a student at ITP I wrote a lot of documentation with many photos. I have about 650 images on this site and I was not adding alt text attributes to them like I should have. I also have 55 image carousels to eliminate.

Over the past month or so I've added alt texts to 10 or 20% of my images. I've got a lot more work to do.