Lux Aeterna

I've spent the past few months learning Clint Mansell's Lux Aeterna, otherwise known as Requiem for a Dream. It's a piece I enjoy very much and have wanted to play since I found some videos of other people playing it on youtube.

I made a few small mistakes but they are hardly noticeable. It wasn't my best day for recording myself playing.

I also re-recorded myself playing a few other songs. Here's Pachelbel's Canon in D played with the practice pedal engaged. It changes the tone of the piano in a way that I think works well with this piece.

Next, Erik Satie's Gnossienne #2. I have a new appreciation for this after recently realizing that I had been previously playing it incorrectly. I also forgot to re-record myself playing it after I bought the Zoom microphone.

And finally, Erik Satie's Gymnopedie #2. There were some flaws in how I was playing this one too.