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New Accordion Plugin

I've been a Nikola user for a few years now, and I'm a big fan. One of the reasons why I picked it is because it is implemented in Python. Python is of course my favorite programming language. And because Nikola is written in Python, it should be easier for me to write code to build my own extensions.

For various reasons I never actually did that until now. I wanted an Accordion reStructuredText directive, and since it didn't exist, I had to build it myself. And that's what I did. Getting it to work completely took some fiddling but I have it working. See an example below.

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New Theme

This weekend I updated my website's theme. As I've said before, I use Nikola, a static site generator written in Python. My new theme is a customization of the bootblog4 theme.

I'm quite happy with the new look. It is clean, functional, and it works well on mobile devices. It also fixed some cosmetic issues that I wasn't able to fix with the previous theme. In addition, I was finally able to get figure captions to work the way I wanted them to work.

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Ready for Visitors

After a few months of work, I now feel like this website is in good enough shape to share with other people.

I added more projects to the Projects page and wrote up descriptions for each. Ongoing projects will be written up in this blog, but complete or elaborate projects will get their own project page.

My priority right now is to improve the youtube videos. I bought a better microphone and will tune my piano soon.