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AWStats and CloudFront Logs

How does one use AWStats to analyze AWS CloudFront logs?

AWStats is a widely used tool to analyze website logs, but unfortunately there is not much information available on how to use it with AWS's (Standard) CloudFront logs. The AWStats documentation seems to assume that you are using AWStats on the actual web server generating the logs, or at least that you have access to normal web server logs. That isn't the case when using CloudFront. I was able to find a single blog post from 2011 documenting how to process CloudFront logs with AWStats, and although that post was helpful, I believe more needs to be said about how to shoehorn CloudFront logs into something AWStats can use. This blog post will document what I learned while getting this to work for me.

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New Host

I haven't posted over here in a long time because all of my efforts have been going towards the ITP section of the website. School is demanding all of my time and attention. I love it, but now that the summer break is here I will put a few posts over here.

I'm happy to say that I finally changed the hosting of this website from GitHub pages to an AWS S3 bucket and AWS CloudFront. Also the domain registration is now through Route 53. The immediate problem I had to solve is that the size of this website and the git repository backing it started to exceed the maximum GitHub repo size (1 GB). Doing something was necessary. The new location will provide unlimited growth as well as solve some minor problems. In addition, by moving to AWS I will be able to easily utilize sub-domains for new projects that make use of various AWS services. I'm eager to try out AWS Lambda functions in particular. Stay tuned!