Google Quickdraw Website

Several years ago Google created a game called Quick, Draw! to challenge users to quickly sketch stylized drawings of common items. The game was entertaining but the underlying purpose was to collect a large dataset of human drawings. The dataset was then used to train a machine learning model identify human sketches.

Google provided an interface to showcase the vast collection of sketches in the dataset. They also made the dataset available online. I was fascinated by the drawings and had so many questions. Were there differences in how people from different countries represented these objects?

Google's interface didn't provide the functionality I wanted so for my Networked Media class I built my own using node.js. That project was hosted on Digital Ocean and has since been shut down. Later I rebuilt the website on AWS using their serverless technology. You can learn more about the architecture of the new version on my class blog post.

You can view the rebuilt website at its new location: Instructions appear at the top of the page. If you see any inappropriate drawings please flag them for me to review.