Custom Lamps

I made custom lamps out of glass bottles.

At ITP Camp I learned how to drill a hole into a glass bottle using a drill press and diamond tipped drill bits. I learned from another camper who showed me the basic technique and the proper drill bits to bore through glass. The process requires a lot of patience to minimize the risk of bottle breakage.

After making holes big enough for a power cord, I designed what I wanted the lamps to look like. I found mauve lamp shades and bought matching fish tank gravel to fill the inside of the bottles.

The first lamp is made from an olive oil bottle. The second is from a wine bottle. Building lamps is an ongoing project beginning at ITP camp 2015. I have more bottles with holes in them ready to go and will make them into lamps to give away as gifts.

I also made the coaster you see sitting on the nightstand. It is part of a set of flowers designed in POV-Ray and VUE Esprit and printed on glass coasters.